About Us

Radiation Consultants was founded in 1976 to meet the growing needs of industrial users of radioactive materials and radiation machines. From our modest beginnings serving industry’s needs in the Houston, Texas area, we’ve continually grown throughout the years, to the point of meeting client needs all over the U.S. Our focus is on providing the highest quality health physics services possible to our clients.

A Focus on Industry

Since our inception, Radiation Consultants has focused on the needs of industry. And, while we serve many of the radiological safety needs of medical and educational clients, our focus has mainly been on industrial users. Whether it’s on-site services, telephone consultations, leak tests or instrument calibrations that are sent to our facility for service, Radiation Consultants is here to meet your needs.

Services to Meet Regulatory Needs

Radiation Consultants provides services to meet the regulatory needs of our clients. From training, to program audits, leak testing to meter calibrations, we’ve been meeting client needs for 40 years. We don’t try to create markets for services that aren’t required — we focus on providing what you need… services to fulfill regulatory requirements.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your regulatory needs — just give us a call.