Consulting Services

Radiation Consultants provides a number of health physics/radiation safety consulting services. Listed below are descriptions and costs for some of the most commonly requested services. The list is certainly not comprehensive, so if you need specific assistance in an area that you do not see listed below, please give us a call and we will be pleased to provide any information you may need.

Radiation Protection Program Development

Development of a a Radiation Protection Program includes all procedures required by the regulatory agencies. These procedures are designed to be specific to the particular application of the licensee/registrant, since the scope of requirements is different by regulation. The typical time to prepare a Radiation Protection Program ranges from one to three weeks depending on the particular application.

Typical costs range from $250.00 – $800.00

ALARA Program/Policy

Depending on the particular licensee/registrant requirements, ALARA programs/policies range from very simple to more complex. Most can be accomplished with a relatively simple ALARA policy statement, with the specifics of the program being addressed in the overall Radiation Protection Program.

Typical costs range from $150.00 – $500.00