Leak Testing

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  • Advanced Notification
  • Convenient Service
  • Accurate Analysis
  • Economical Prices

Radiation Consultants offers complete leak/wipe test services for all types of sealed sources.

Our computerized notification system ensures that you’re notified and sent the required number of kits the month prior to the due date. Kits come with complete instructions and there is no charge for the kits until they are returned for analysis.

Leak/Wipe Test Services

Prices are based on the number of kits analyzed at one time. The price includes kits, analysis, postage & certificate of results when complete. Customers are automatically added to our 6 month reminder system and the required number of kits will automatically be sent the month prior to your next leak test due date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1-4$25.00 each
5-50$23.00 each
51-100$21.00 each
Over 100Call
*Low energy betas (C14, Ni63, H3, etc.)*$50.00 each regardless of quantity

*NOTE: Low energy betas (C14, Ni63, H3, etc.) will be priced out at a flat rate of $50.00 each regardless of quantity.

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P. O. Box 787
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