Program Audits

Radiation Consultants has been performing audits of radiation safety programs for clients since 1976. We have the experience and expertise to not only evaluate your radiation program, but to make recommendations which will ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

During the audit, we will review all aspects of your radiation protection program and evaluate it in comparison to existing and proposed regulations, industry “standards” and from a “good practices” perspective.

A field report will be left with the Radiation Safety Officer at the conclusion of the audit and a complete written report, along with our recommendations for program modifications will be sent within 10-14 days after the audit.

A complete audit normally takes 2-4 hours and includes a review of program records, interviews with key radiation safety personnel and inspections of selective equipment. Some of the records included in the review are:

Radioactive Material LicensePersonnel Monitoring Records
Radioactive Source RecordsSurvey Records
Disposal RecordsALARA Program Records